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A Unique Birthday Celebration in the Classroom!

We all know it: our birthdays as children were the best darn days of the year. I’m not just talking about my birthday, I’m talking about “our” birthdays because I knew I was snagging a delicious baked good at snack time when any one of my classmates had their special day roll around.

Times have changed. With the growing concerns over food intolerances and allergies, as well as an aim to just raise healthy kiddos, classrooms are moving away from celebrating birthdays with sugar-filled treats. Instead, many classroom teachers are looking for new ways to celebrate each student’s birthday…myself included! (Note: this is also a really great activity to do in conjunction with a little classroom treat if you’re school is still able to share snacks!)

I wanted to make sure students’ birthday celebrations in the classroom weaved in some pretty clear social emotional learning. I wanted students to make connections with each other on these special days and also have memories that would last them for many years to come. When I got to thinking, I had an idea: a birthday compliment book! It’s a great way for students to think about each other’s strengths, show gratitude, and be reminded that we are all part of a classroom community.


With this resource, students are able to send love and thoughts of friendship to the birthday kiddo! Here’s how it works:

  • The teacher prints the compliment pages and a cover page for the birthday student. The teacher also displays the student directions slide to guide them through the activity when it’s time to celebrate.
  • The birthday student spends the celebration time coloring the cover page to his or her compliment book.
  • The other students in the classroom spend the celebration time choosing a compliment page and writing a kind note to the birthday student! Then, the students color their compliment pages before giving them to the teacher.
  • When the birthday student finishes the cover of the book and the other students complete their compliment pages, the teacher organizes the book and binds it for the birthday student to read and take home! So sweet!

Click here to check this resource out on TpT! 

Check out the slides below to get an idea of what each of these pages look like! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Teacher time-saver note: You could print all the covers – which also come as editable pages so you can add your students’ names – for these books over the summer and have compliment pages ready to go for the school year! I like to print the covers on card stock so they are sturdy and last! This touch also makes the book more “official” for students!

Here is a good quality card stock to use for the book covers!

How do you celebrate birthdays in your classroom?

Share in the comments!


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