End of the School Year, Useful Teacher Tools

5 Trendy & Inexpensive End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Teachers LOVE coffee shop gift cards. It’s science. We’re a people who are extremely caffeinated and we love that about ourselves. Perhaps, though, you’re looking for something a bit more trendy but inexpensive to gift your kiddo’s teacher for the end of the school year. I’ve got you covered (with insider information, at that!).

1. Glass Straws

With the amazing turn against plastic straws recently (because, sea life❤), I opted out of plastic straws. I now carry and use glass straws so I can do my part to save our turtle buddies. I keep a glass straw in my car for my iced coffees. I keep a straw at school for juices. I tuck one in my lunchbox for field trips. I honestly LOVE these things. Also, the colors are sublime. Check them out!

2. Essential Oil Diffuser

Teachers love, love, love gifts that they can use to help them reach a state of zen on a Friday night before they fall asleep at 4:30pm due to utter exhaustion. Just kidding! A diffuser is a great way to tell your student’s teacher that you care and want her or him to put self-care high on the priority list.

3. Air Plant Stand

I haven’t been to a farmer’s market lately where air plants aren’t available! There are SO many ways to hang air plants, but these stands would allow teachers to place these sweet little plants around the classroom without having to worry about hanging them from the ceiling.

4. Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are so amazing! They add a beautiful color to the room and purify the air when they are heated up by the lamp inside. These lamps also ionize the air around them for added wellness benefits! My students are obsessed with having salt lamps in the classroom.

5. Felt Letter Board

OK. These little things are SO CUTE! I know many teachers who have these felt letter boards up in their classroom to leave messages to their students. From inspiring notes to punny phrases, these boards add so much to a reading corner in the room, a math center, or the teacher’s desk!

Wild & Free in Grade Three



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