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“So You Want to be a YouTuber?” A Project Based Learning Activity

The conversation goes the same almost every time, an equal split between genders: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“A YouTuber,” the student replies.

A YouTuber. I need to remember that to make meaningful connections to our learning across the curriculum. “What type of YouTube videos do you want to make: streaming video games? Toy testing? Daily vlogs? Something entirely different?”

Ah, then this is where the conversation starts to grow deeper. Often, students haven’t given much thought to what type of channel they want to have, the brand they want to build, or the audience they want to earn. They don’t understand how advertisements work to create a profitable channel or how to chart subscribers, and they don’t quite realize that setting goals for the future is a must.

So, I created a Project Based Learning (PBL) activity for students to embark on this journey: So You Want to be a YouTuber? is a chance for students to begin planning a YouTube channel, building inspirational subscriptions, creating a brand, and running a YouTube channel that turns a profit. Students will brainstorm how to earn subscribers, plan a video, and set goals for the future.



The project also features a section where students must budget for technology supplies. With a savings of $2,000, students will research, read reviews, and decide which equipment (video camera, microphone, editing software, tripod, and computer) they will need to be a YouTuber. They’ll ask themselves questions like, “Is the GoPro is better for my channel than the event camera?” and “Will I need the Tripod with the fluid video head for a smooth shot or should I save the money for a better microphone?”


Students will also learn about Digital Citizenship. They’ll watch two videos to learn Internet safety concepts and how to create a great YouTube video.


This project can be shared with students two ways: through Google Classroom (then have students edit the document with DocHub) or it can be printed and turned into a packet. I love incorporating this activity into our day as a math center, a choice during quiet time, or as a morning work activity. This resource also includes a document with teacher tips and suggestions for working through this engaging and meaningful activity!

Included in the student activity:
PAGE 2: Why do you want to be a YouTuber writing activity
PAGES 3-4: Customizing your channel creative activity
PAGES 5-6: Building your inspirational subscriptions creative activity
PAGE 7: What types of videos will you make reflection
PAGE 8: Building your personal brand creative activity
PAGE 9-11: Researching technology tools that suit your needs and budgeting
PAGE 12: Budget calculations
PAGE 13: Chores for video lighting calculations and decisions
PAGE 14-15: Digital citizenship videos and questions
PAGE 16: First video plan outline
PAGE 17: Tips for creating videos video and questions
PAGE 18: Building an audience brainstorm activity
PAGE 19: Measuring growth through graphing data
PAGE 20: Calculating earnings through ad revenue data
PAGE 21: Setting goals for the future reflective activity

Check out the preview below to see more! 


Click here to view this product on TpT!

2 thoughts on ““So You Want to be a YouTuber?” A Project Based Learning Activity”

  1. This is an amazing idea and exactly what I was looking for! After giving my Gifted and Talented group an interest inventory, I realized that they all had something about Youtubers in their interests. I was so excited to find a project based learning activity that included many of the ideas that I had and so many more. Can’t wait to try it out!


    1. I am so happy to hear that! Please let me know how it goes. Every year I pull this out, my students go CRAZY! They ask for multiple copies because they have so many varied reasons for starting a YouTube channel and they like to try out different takes on it! 😊 ENJOY! ❤️


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