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Six MUST HAVE Downloadable Resources for Your Glorious Return to the Classroom this Fall!

We’re headed back to school in the blink of an eye, teacher rockstars. While you savor these last several weeks of summer, check out the handful of resources below that I consider my back to school MUST HAVES!


Click here to check these surveys out!


These surveys are great anchors for home communication throughout the school year. I like to keep the Beginning of Year Survey out for parents to complete during our school’s back to school barbecue. Questions ask parents to describe their child, set academic goals for their student, write down a transportation schedule, and discuss social goals. Three surveys come in this resource: one for the beginning of the year, one for the middle, and one for the end. I refer to each of these surveys often throughout the school year, especially during parent conferences and student meetings. These surveys are gold!


Click here to see everything included in this bundle!


Every year, I have parents, students, and other educators tell me how soothing the decor in my classroom is. I use the succulent bundle to label items in my classroom and decorate the space. This bundle includes 621 pieces, and that number includes may editable options. I use this resource to create my classroom calendar, labels student hooks and notebooks, mark my toolbox, weave in environmental print, and bring a bit of comfort to my room. Check out what is included in this resource:

Blue and Green Succulent Toolbox Organizer Supply Labels (200 Labels with 22 Editable Labels)
Blue and Green Succulent Table Numbers, Classroom Signs & Labels (76 Signs w/ 4 Editable Signs)
Blue and Green Succulent Alphabets (4 Banner and Word Wall Sets)
Blue and Green Succulent Small Circular Student Numbers (with Editable Version)
Blue and Green Succulent Calendar Pieces (12 Months, 31 Days, 2 Days of the Week Sets)
Blue and Green Succulent Editable Skinny Name Tags and Labels (67 Editable Labels)
Blue and Green Succulent Positive Vibes & Subject Banners (58 Pennants w/ 8 Editable Pennants)
Blue and Green Succulent Weather Chart (3 Organizing Signs & 10 Weather Buttons)


Click here to see these editable name brag tags!


Make it super easy to identify whose brag tags are whose with these editable “These Brag Tags Belong To…”tags. I use these tags to serve as name tags for the first day of school. I put these tags on ball chain necklaces and have each student wear these necklaces the first few days of class. Then, after that, these tags become identifying pieces on brag tag necklaces. I wish I had these my first year teaching!

These are the necklaces I use for brag tags:


Click here to see each component of this resource more closely!


This bulletin board is AMAZING! Begin this year by teaching students what mantras are, how they can bring you inspiration, and how they can get you through a struggle. This kit comes with letters for your bulletin board, hot air balloon buttons, and several different options for the student mantra pieces (some of which are meant to be used with Chromebooks or other devices). This bulletin board (I actually put it on a wall in my own classroom) can be used and changed up throughout the year as students become more and more comfortable using mantras. This resource is awesome for building resilient and persistent characteristics!


Grab this resource for the first days of school!


This scavenger hunt is all about finding classmates who match the descriptions in the bubbles! A perfect back-to-school activity to help students begin to learn a little bit more about each other through a fun game that encourages talking, movement, and connections! My students love this activity and it gives them great discussion points to bring up during lunch the first few days of school! I LOVE this ice breaker and community builder!

Reading Workshop Conference Notebook

Click here to see this resource!


This reading workshop binder has me covered. This is a MUST in my classroom. I rely heavily on storing data here, collecting conference notes, and setting student goals. I use this data binder to take notes during individual reading conferences as well as guided reading lessons and strategy-based group lessons. I keep a record of student conferences in this resource so I know which students I need to meet with each day. Check out my in-depth blog post about this resource below or check it out here!

Blog Post: Reading Conference Data Made ORGANIZED & MEANINGFUL with Editable Binder!

Enjoy your first few weeks of school!

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