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5 Holiday gifts for the teacher in your life under $30!

That special time of year is just around the corner and if you have a teacher in your life, this guide is going to be especially helpful for you AND your wallet! Whether you want to help that teacher decorate his classroom or treat her to a special gift, I’ve got great suggestions for you!

1. Sustainable Tea Infuser & Tumbler

This tumbler is so great AND it is sustainable! It is a tempered glass tumbler with a bamboo cap that comes with an infuser that fits right inside the tumbler. With this tumbler, the teacher can make cold brew coffee or tea. The teacher can also infuse some loose tea leaves with hot water or infuse water with fruit! This little tumbler does so much…and it’s super affordable!

2. “Sheet Pan” Cookbook

Cooking after school…it sounds almost like a joke! There are days I get home, and I can barely make it to the couch before I fall asleep from exhaustion. Cookbooks like “Sheet Pan,” which are quick and easy “one sheet pan” meals (if you will), are perfect teacher gifts. To throw everything on one pan, put it in the oven, and have a flavorful, healthy meal at the end of the timer is dreamy. It is for this exact reason I LOVE my Instant Pot!

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

Having a diffuser at home is definitely the BEST. I diffuse constantly and love coming home after school and blending oils to help me unwind after the day. As teachers, we experience a lot of stress, we bring home student traumas and dramas, we face a myriad of viruses (because, let’s face it, we get coughed on all day), and we often need a little help to chill at night because our mind is racing while it works through curriculum and behavior interventions.

If you’re going to buy your teacher pal a diffuser, I suggest ordering oils to diffuse through Young Living or dōTERRA, as they are high quality oils, therapeutic-grade oils.

4. Glass 3-Compartment Meal Containers

Most teachers I know pack a lunch each and every day. These glass containers (say no to plastic!), are amazing because they are compartmentalized. This makes it a snap to pack yogurt with sides of granola and fruit so nothing gets soggy! Also, it makes it super easy to pack a healthy snack and lunch. There is space for veggies, fruit, and a protein if that’s what suits you! These are easy to clean and easy to love! A GREAT gift for any teacher!

5. Felt Letter Board

These little board as so fun both at school and at home! This board can be used at school to encourage students, provide a little humor, or wish students’ happy birthdays. At home, it can be used to decorate for holidays or show an uplifting quote. I used mine to welcome my niece into the world! This gift is a solid one!


Teachers: which gift would you most like to receive? Drop a note in the comments! 


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